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We have to work out a plan here.

Lets get wiser, I learnt that the stages are upgrading and i wonder about our clients wondering about ....

What will happen if I am in labour and the power is out.

Do not worry ,do not be in despair..

- Get enough candles or lanterns or even this fairy lights but battery operated if you are going to birth at night.

The ambiance will be set perfectly for your baba, no unnecessary disturbance when you in labour cause most wifi routers will be off, no tv cause your family will be supporting and respecting you more.

The silence will be your advantage, you will be more focused.

-Your cell phone.... charge it whenever you have time and power available, if not get a car charger and charge your device there in the car.

-Have enough airtime at hand.

And trust your Midwife she will be there on time, after all you have a special bond with her at this time and all she is waiting for is that call. We will know cause we use our senses in a very unique way.

And dont worry Our POWER comes from THE ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER, His power is Eternal and never runs out.

Love JLK Care with Sr Jillaine

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