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Circle of Life and Death ,The Journey with JLK Care

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I was struck to absolute humbleness when The Almighty revealed this to me( 13 February 2019) writing in Shaun Harry's bedroom.

I was guided in spirit and thought and ideas by The main Source of life, that the purpose of the gift instilled in me is to Deliver healthy newborns and also to Deliver healthy bodies back to Our Almighty Lord .

Assisting in the transitioning process back to our original reference, to His Kingdom by healing His Children in the form of spirit, and body back to the image of GOD.

My Faith in my vocation, gifted and planted within me, is growing at a spiritually rapid speed beyond human understanding.

I Am here to Deliver Joy, Love, Kindness all in the Almighty Name of Our Heavenly Father.

I Am here to Deliver the sick from the evil substance of destruction within the body, mind and spirit.

Being with Shaun Harry Our dear brother who is alive and very much present today and always, showed me that this is not all there is to life,

There is a beautiful side that we as man are blinded to by fear, sadness, despair, doubt ,anger, regret, remorse and unforgiveness and hatred and slander but mostly Pride.

The main source of sickness and destruction is PRIDE (releasing hormones in imbalanced toxic amounts causing hatred and everything harmful)- more on my theory at a later stage.

PRIDE is the gateway, the KEY and entry to every so called medical diagnosis on earth, its through pride(evil thoughts, toxic amounts of imbalanced hormones) that the evil one gains entry to torment us and cause destruction(chronic diseases, tumors, unexplained pain, depression) in GODS image and that is Our body.

No wonder some dis Eases cannot be picked up in blood test or scans when someone is in agony or pain because we are not fighting the physical we fighting the spiritual world and i am sure this fight is hormonal(pride) hence the word spiritual, we cannot see the spiritual world but we can definitly feel it and thats a fact.

Satan, with the help of Leviathan work together in making sure our IMAGE of The True God is destroyed through overstimulation of the production of normal cells which is called today cancer and causing interuption of The Blood Circulation.

Get to the blood and you have the key to healing or destruction. Most viruses get to the blood stream, most injuries or trauma comes from blood loss, everything has to do with your blood.

Starve any muscle from blood and oxygen and you get ischeamia eg Heart attack, its a disruption of blood circulation. Eat the wrongfoods for years and you have high cholesterol causing clogged arteries and the result is a stroke or heart attack because of disruption of the blood circulation, Cause enough stress and anxiety and you end with chest pain causing interuption of blood supply.

(Its in the Blood and only through the receiving of Clean non toxic healthy blood or a transfusion can we get ultimate healing. I received my tranfusion through The receiving of Christ blood as my Saviour and understanding why He shed His blood for me.( personal story) The story of Blood is not religious at all. Religion destroyed me and causes war. I surrendered and believed in Love.)

Coming back to the crafty Liar-

They also work together by making sure we dehydrate and starve to a dry barren land, by means of taking all fluids out of our system and shutting our mouths to stop eating .

As I observed through fasting and prayer while caring and nursing Shaun Harry, I noticed that each victim held down in the grip of deaths snare, all had the same appearence.

All were dehydrated, all had anorexia, all were lame, all were without speech, all eyes were lost and excretory organs had no control, all muscles were wasted and the flow of Life which is in the Blood was severley stalled(coagulated) no life in the veins.

All looked possessed with the classic rolling back of the eyes.

This is the truth and it needs to be fought with the Word( POSITIVE LOVING AFFIRMATIONS THROUGH SCRIPTURE) there is a frequency and vibration when talking about love and Gods Fruit. Its amazing, it calms the spirit and soul.

GOD showed me and is using me to do his work by delivering a healthy nation on this physical earth and to deliver a nation out of evil before they depart and transition to his Kingdom restoring the body into His image again.

Heavenly Father, I give myself my everything to YOU, I will do your work Lord,

Let the people see YOUR presence within me as they come in contact with your daughter, Let your Love and Joy and Kindness penetrate my every word and cell within me.

Do this to me Lord to Heal and Restore Your Children on earth.

when pride comes HUMBLE YOURSELF.

Love Jillaine,

visionary founder of JLK Care all Glory To ABBA our Lord and God.

The Almighty God is Forever.


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