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Community Care Midwife-Led Cover

CCMidwife-led Cover is a evidence based plan tailored and designed by a Midwife for diverse working class community members unable to afford the benefits of high cost medical aids or usage of free health services often conflicting with work hours.

Under the leadership and management of Midwives qualified in General, Community, Psychiatry and Midwifery the following services will be offered.

Services provided under CCMidwife- led care

  • Primary Health care

  • Maternity Care with low risk labour and delivery management,

  • Newborn Care

  • Child Care

  • Adolescent Care

  • Elderly Care

  • Employee Wellness

  • Chronic Care and Management

  • Homebased Care

The plan comes about through observing the need to strengthen our deterioriting health systems and assist with reviving the system by helping through strengthening the system by means of empowering and advocating our members in the community through better managed health and wellness care.

With the help and support of like minded partnerships willing to explore this option, this will result in creating stronger empowered family units and stronger empowered communities leading to strengthened revived Universal Health Systems by acknowledging Midwife-led services and care at low affordable rates.

This approach comes about by echoeing PMNCH strategy 2021-2025 focusing on awareness to your right to health leaving no women, man, newborn, child, adolescent and elderly citizen behing no matter who you are, what you do or where you come from.

A nation is measured by the state of the health system and to our knowledge as Midwives, it needs help.

The diverse working class are suffering in silence even though we are the backbone to society.

The diverse working class the solution to resuscitating our weakened health care systems.

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