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My role in Society of Midwives of South Africa by Jillaine Jacobs( Western Province)

Updated: Apr 27

As a Godfearing midwife I have been given the opportunity to serve mankind by sharing the fruits of Spirit and reinstilling the objectives of SOMSA and be the voice by representing Western Cape through the following objectives of our midwife Society by .......

  1. Raising the status of midwifery.

  2. Maintaining the integrity of midwifery.

  3. Support and promote the interests of midwifery.

  4. Develop and promote an adequate, efficient and effective midwifery service in South Africa.

  5. Consider every matter in connection with or with reference to midwifery and act as an advisory body.

  6. Bring about liaison and cooperation with other groups and health care providers associated with midwifery.

  7. Encourage the establishment of local groups in order to promote the aims and goals of the Society.

  8. Promote research in midwifery.

  9. Promote liaison with midwifery groups internationally.

Practicing by obedience through compassionate respected reflective care, CRRC

I am willing to refresh the face of midwifery through a joyful, loving, kind, peaceful, patient, good, gentle, self controlled faithful heart, mind and spirit.

peace and love

Midwife Jillaine Jacobs

SOMSA Executive committee member

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