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I am Jillaine.

I was born on the 4 March 1978.

A remarkable year indeed. In this year,

the Nursing Act 50 of 1978 became into being and so did I.

To this day I have been questioning my purpose and passion to serve and care for humanity in ways that I could not explain up until now.

I have a story to share and I believe it will be heard at the right time when HE says so.

With a contrite heart burning with passion and hurt most days, I was taken from pillar to post as they say and I am telling you the truth, it is so difficult to help women with child deliver in peace as a Midwife. It brought me to null.

It is so difficult to care for the sick and broken hearted let alone the poor in spirit to be lifted up and out of satans crowbar. It depressed me.

Its because of Midwives like myself and I claim it, that a nation was saved,

MOSES was saved.

Covid-19 was a repeat in history, it was a shift in worldly mentality to have control over our minds, hearts and souls and I believe a viral warfare killed our loved ones by the phenom and spikes of man so that evil could prevail and steal The Fruits of Spirit and during this time when the world was in hiding We had to serve and care for the sick and dying, we had to deliver babies anywhere out of hospital, we had to protect and save a new generation and future nation. We had no choice, I had no choice.

As His daughter, as a GEM ( Godfearing Exodus Midwife) midwives are called to save our future brothers and sisters, we calm and protect souls entering this world.

We stand between life and death many times over and over again and because of the power of Love annointed upon us to serve in our vocations we are sadly but intentionally undervalued and emotionally tormented to stop us from doing His mighty work.

JLK INTERGRATED CARE K2019199851 serving, caring, teaching, sharing the Fruits of Spirit,

Joy, Love, Kindness, Peace , Patience, Goodness, Gentleness, Selfcontrol, FAITHFULNESS against these things there is NO LAW.

FATHER I AM IN YOUR HANDS NOW, all I do is to bring Glory to Your Mighty Name.

Never forget me Father.

your daughter


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