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My birth journey was smooth. I carried till 41+ weeks and needed to be coached. I was only 6 hours in labour. It was so calm ,peaceful and there so much love in the room . For a first time mom I would do it again in a heartbeat. I had an episiotomy , which to be honest I didn’t even feel until the following day . But I was calm and relaxed. It was a really wonderful experience. Sr. Jillaine is a queen. I could never repay her for the amazing birth experience I had ♥️♥️"

                  Robyn Bell, 10 Sep2019

''Best Midwife. Love how patient she is. She is a wonderful person. "Aneeqah Dawood, 25 Jan'19 

"Not just the best but the most amazing angel sent from above that i could ever cross paths with."Natheerah Batchelor, 26 Feb'19

"Having Jillaine tend to you during labour and birth is like having your mom there holding your hand and caring for you, while also knowing that you are completely safe in the hands of a medical expert. You can just focus on your body and your baby, if anything needs to be done or should any emergency arise, you and baby will be fine because you are in the hands of an expert in high risk maternity care. She is so good at what she does and watches a birthing mother so closely that even before something can "go wrong" you'll already be on your way to the hospital. We had an amazing experience with Sr Jillaine and she gave excellent care." Letiticia Venter, 15 Dec '19

"I had the wonderful experience of being guided and encouraged by Jillaine and her assistant Lindsay on the birth of my son Noah. I cannot testify as to the peace and contentment I have felt during the last two weeks of my pregnancy. Jillaine you are so gifted at making mom's feel empowered and loved and equipped to handle the mammoth task of being a mum to a new born. Both yourself and Lindsay made me feel as if I was doing the best job you'd ever seen. You made me feel comfortable and at ease with a situation that has stressed me out twice before with my girls. Noah means rest and comfort and that's exactly how he now is and how you made me feel to bring him into this world. You are so professional and loving and kind. I will never forget the start that you have given my son. I am eternally grateful. May God bless you in extraordinary ways... I speak life and love and grace eternal upon you and everything you touch. Thank you." Lezaun Stuurman, 15 June 19

'Had a great and heartfelt first antenatal visit after an amazing birthing journey with Sr Jillaine. Truly an amzing heartfelt and warm person. "

Claire Van Wyk, 10 March '19

"She is my guardian angel. Thank you for always being there for me when i need you most." sandi-Lee Permall, 02 June '19

"Our journey with Sr. Jillaine started in December 2019 and still continuing as we await the birth of our daughter Emily. Since my initial risk assessment, Sr J has been nothing less than PERFECT. Her peace, patience and  guidance daily is the most precious gift any expecting mother could ask for. She never hesitates to assist and carry out the work of the Almighty and remains a true reflection and example of God's joy, love and kindness to many who encounter her. I am 30 weeks and cannot wait for the wonderful birthing experience."Elsa Marman, 28 March '20

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