Who is Sr. Jillaine Jacobs

Sr Jillaine Kathleen Jacobs, visioned and founded JLK INTERGRATED CARE and PEACE OF MIND ORGANISATION OF SOUTH AFRICA in the year 2018.

She has skilled and refined 
experience in the art of midwifery and nursing care since 1997.

In the year 1982, at the very young age of 4, she was captivated by the work of an angel in the form of a nurse.
The nurses angelic character of serenity, kindness, sense of calmness, gentleness and her healing power radiated from her touch with a temperature of warmth and calmness flowing down her gentle hands and through her peaceful smile.
This is what made her follow the profession of nursing.

her words:

"To me she was an angel sent from Heaven in a white dress, with a white hat on her head and a smell as sweet as honey, a voice as calm as a soothing breeze and the healing power of a powerful source I was not familiar with at that age but longed to know it. All I remember was feeling LOVED. I told my heart I want to be a Nurse when I grow up. I want to help heal people someday. I want to wipe away the tears of the sick and elderly and I want to replace the mental and emotional trauma of child birth  within mothers with Joy, Love and Kindness. I want to see people healthy and loving and appreciating themselves and each other one day. I can testify alongside many
family and friends, that I am living in my vocation daily."

"I was mocked and  laughed at by many  but nothing has and will stand in my way of completing my vocation in assisting the sick underprivileged and lame. I believe and will maintain that the very thing that makes you angry is the thing that you were born to solve. I was slandered in my profession for being too nice and thorough in my work, even my co-workers tried to get me in trouble but this did not interrupt my passion for my vocation."

I am a firm believer that the truth is and always will speak for itself through your actions. If you are wrong it must be made right and it must be made right by a person in Authority where you receive the forgiveness and mercy to carry on with your daily life.
Only you can correct your mistakes. 

I will continue to strive to fulfill my vocation as a healthcare worker and servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ."