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Lets talk colic in newborns!

Colic is experienced by the infant as long episodes of crying occuring more or less the same time each day lasting for about 3 months

Symptoms most reported by parents in clinic are as follows.

  • pulling up legs to fetal position

  • reports of long exhausting episodes of crying

  • Baby farts alot

  • Moves from side to side

  • sour smelling stools

  • red face when crying

  • only happens in the evening lasting for up to 3 hours

What to do to help comfort my baby?

  • skin to skin helps soothe and comfort baby.

  • Breastfeeding moms avoid foods high in acids, refined foods and reduce sugar intake in the form of chocalates, sweets and cakes and very important avoid stimulants in the form of coffee.

  • Massage tummy clockwise to help with movement of hairlike structures called villi.

  • Hold baby firmly against chest and pat gently to help gas bubbles move up and out as a burp or down and out as a fart.

  • When feeding your infant make sure to hold baby in a 45 degree position to assist with easy flow.

  • Breastfeeding moms fennel tea helps reduce inflammation and decreases bacterial growth in the intestines, so drinking herbal teas could help calm you mom.

  • Bath baby just before sunset and start with baby massaging techniques for comfort and to promote healthy circulation and calm baby.

Midwife conclusion

  • Always remember our guts are the center of feelings and emotions, be mindful of any stress or anxiety you project around your baby, they only know calmness and love and they will sure let you know if any form of discomfort is around them.

  • Infants are very sensitive to negative emotions.

  • At dusk, infants sensitive to the days stress surrounding them can be experienced by individuals who have a low capacity to cope with different levels of sensory inputs. No matter how insignificantly small the stimulus it may have an overwhelming affect on our behaviour being more apparent during infancy.

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